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Holiday Specials!

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Looking for great Stylist and or Cosmetologist!

Are you a stylist or cosmetologist that wants to be part of a great team of stylist, cosmetologist and massage therapists that are professional, talented and motivated? We have a home for you!

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We are looking for a full time, well established stylist booth renter and or a commissioned cosmetologist!

If you are interested in working with us and joining our team, please click here! Our qualifications are that you are fully licensed, professional, motivated and a team player. Respond to this Craigslist Ad with a resume and two references and we will be in touch with you. Please no phone calls or walk-ins. If you have any questions, please email us at


Know someone that may be a good fit for us? Send them our way! We encourage referrals and references from our current clients. as you know us best , and who might be a good fit for us



Mothers Day Specials!

Mothers Day Specials

Product of the Week: The truth about Curls!

This week we are featuring Paul Mitchell’s Curl series! If you have curls, these are the products for you. Unfortunately, curls can get a bad rap. The wild and crazy hair that just wont curl the right way, the too curly or the not curly enough.

Spring Loaded De-tangling Shampoo, Full Circle Leave in Treatment, Twirl Around Curl Definer, Ultimate Wave Beachy Texture Cream-Gel

Spring Loaded De-tangling Shampoo, Full Circle Leave in Treatment, Twirl Around Curl Definer, Ultimate Wave Beachy Texture Cream-Gel

And who can forget the dreaded frizz! Well we are here to come out with the truth about curls, and these products will help! To start, lets find out more about the curl.

The Curl :

A Curl is defined as a lock of hair having a spiral or coiled form, or a coil or ringlet of hair according to

To many with curly hair, you may think that those curls have a mind of their own, but in actuality their anatomy is pretty simple. Your hair has the standard hair follicle, hair shaft, medulla cortex and cuticle. What makes it curly is the cross-section of the hair shaft is more intertwined then those with straight hair. The reason for the frizz and unmanageable characteristics of curls? Well, oils from the sebaceous glads have a harder time traveling down the shaft of curly hair versus straight hair, its  much easier for the oils to travel down.  That is where our Paul Mitchell products step in! Learn more at


Rich lather, cleanses, fights frizz, de-tangles and conditions!

  The Shampoo: Spring Loaded De-tangling       Shampoo

Starting with this shampoo will help control the frizz and gently cleans your hair without damaging the cuticle of your hair. It is also a conditioner and ultra-moisturizing.  Use this as part of your daily routine. This shampoo, standard to all Paul Mitchell products, is sulfate free and not tested on animals.

Lightweight conditioning, de-tangles frizz, protects against damage.

Lightweight conditioning, de-tangles frizz, protects against damage.

The Conditioner: Full Circle Leave-In Treatment.

While the shampoo is very moisturizing, every now and then, especially in this dry Colorado weather, hair needs a little extra nourishment. This leave in treatment will hydrate, de-tangle frizz without weighing down your hair. It also prevents damage to your hair. A little tip, after you use this conditioner, rinse with cool water, allowing the cuticle to close and lock in a healthy looking shine!

Well there you have it! There is the truth about curls!  The products that will help you prepare your curls to be healthy and look their best. Feel free to comment and discuss your positive experiences with these two products. Keep an eye out next week for after treatment for controlling those curls: Beach Texture Cream-Gel and Crunch Free Curl Definer!

As a thank you for those reading our blog, and/or keeping up with our Facebook, we are offering 10% off this week (January 21st-Jamuary 26th 2013) at Apple II Salon for all Paul Mitchell Curl Series Products. Just be sure to comment on the blog below, or like us on Facebook and mention this offer next time you are in.

Welcome to Apple II blog!

Welcome to Apple II Blog! We are excited to increase our internet footprint and start reflecting on the beautiful beauty world. In our blog we plan to showcase our latest hairstyles, products, fashions and passions! We are also excited to share our Day in the life of Apple II Salon and Spa as well and to reach out to the Salon and Spa community. We have big plans for this blog, and we are excited to share this adventure with you. Let the blog begin!

Side note: We are also known as Syndicut Salon and Spa, in the midst of transitioning our name. But for now Apple II will do!


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