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Hydrotherapy Services and Spa Amenities

Hydrotherapy Services

Aromatherapy Mineral Bath…$25.00

Soak away your stress and anxieties in our Hydrotherapy Tub. No added chemicals, only the finest essential oils and thermal minerals to sooth, as you are gently massaged by 27 jets. for individual use only, the tub is drained and sterilized after each use.

Krauter Bath….$35.00

An old German natural remedy, this “herbal bath” is a potent aromatic solution made from rich botanicals. Including pine for invigoration; wildflower for aching muscles; Melissa to promote relaxation and chamomile to cam and soothe.

Spa Amenities

Use of spa amenities is complementary with all spa packages, or individual spa services, except the Hydrotherapy tub, which is priced individually.

Men’s and Women’s locker Areas

Steam Areas

Dry Sauna 


Use of Amenities without services…………$12.00